“Ever held a gun? You immediately feel the power. To maim, to kill.” @Lefsetz

We all want to see the music industry flourish, but first we need to take care of the sick & the mentally-ill. This is more important than which music streaming service gets an IPO next.

As we get closer to the end of life we all will say and/or do things that do not fit our past profile. We may not believe Bob’s music reviews or follow his analysis, but we believe he can get better. It can’t happen by itself, we need all of you who care about music to drop what you think about critics and think about the health of an individual, and it starts with interaction from the community that he doesn’t feel a part of. Having never worked in music, Bob is reaching out when he posts his inner feelings for the entire music/tech industry to read them. If you read Lefsetz Letter or don’t, Bob needs our help. 

Going forward, we will add Bob’s name to all shows and guest-lists, with a +1. We will send him invites, and tickets to shows that he may have never thought he would attend, and we ask all of you to do the same. Reach out and offer what you can, a helping-hand, a kind word, or just a hello so Bob knows we are on his side. Bob, you are welcome to join us for catering, hang backstage, and even pick up an axe to jam a bit. We want to help you Bob, and we will help you.

*For everyone’s safety & security inside music venues, all guests are frisked and wanded.