Conjectures & Surmises

I seek fame like the rest of you. I have worked with famous people for a long time so I am going to tell you how to do it. I care what my peers think, they are the arbiters of my fame. Their decision to like me or not will determine how famous I become. I need the support of everyone else’s decisions to bolster mine. I need them to see that I am trying to do the right thing. Where is everyone moving to right now? Nashville, San Francisco, Denver? They will approve of my move if I pick one of these cities. CNN always gives air time to celebrities & people looking to be famous. I am from the south, maybe I know someone indirectly who can get me some air time. Nashville is the closest to CNN, that is where I’ll go.

This is how I will do it, by doing whatever works to get famous. The only way, follow the already famous. Get my follower count up, worry with externals, feel anxious, run marathons, call everyone that doesn’t agree with me, racist, sexist, or another ist. The only way to become an elitist is to dismiss what is not a norm. Norms are going to push my eliteness into the stratosphere. I’ll be the most famous musician ever. None can compare. Forget equal, I want to be greater than you. I must train myself to think like the growing crowd. No one else voted for the libertarian candidate, why was I trying to be different. Why was I trying to stand out and be ostracized for not agreeing with the guy next to me. Why did I put that hardship in my life.  I’m finally learning you can do anything as a recording artist and get away with it & you can do anything as a democrat and get away with it. I really need to start getting away with anything and blaming others who try to set me straight as being in the wrong. It all seems so simple now. Examine nothing independently. Everything is an already science.

As a musician in the modern era / internet era, I should focus on taking pictures, at the beach, with crabs, to show people I’m socially capable of making faces with nature involved. I should relegate my wardrobe to brands that deserve and get attention in the current market. As a musician in the modern era I should keep a camera or pay a camera-guy/girl to follow me around & capture anything that makes me seem more to-date. I must forget about how music used to work, I must change for the greater role of the modern man in music. I must learn the ways of the internet musician. To stay with the future growth I must follow what the industry is doing.

We should all do this, record in a studio, vote the same, & forget that to have a recording we should play live first. We should concern ourselves with video first principles. We should do so because the label & streaming industry is growing and we want to see it grow. We want to talk about its growth with others, and validate each other with our decision making skills. This is what we all must do, read current articles, blogs, newspapers, the dailys. Books are old, the internet is new. Throw away the books and get an e-reader. We all must abandon what feels good and natural for the sake of the industry.

Monoculture and monolithic thought is something to aspire to, you will not have to argue with that many people, you won’t live in fear that everyone is different than you, and you don’t have to worry about being unpopular. You can drift through life carefree and careless. Easy street. I wasn’t challenged in school so why should I be challenged in life. Challenges are tough. Life is supposed to be easy. Follow the crowd, mimic what they say, blame everyone else for my shortcomings, use circular reasoning to win arguments. Forget winning at life I want to win now.

This is how the internet works. The internet dictates what music is. Music has changed since the internet, and will keep changing. The business will remain the same. The experts tell us to capture video, forget about the song/sound & put audio last. Don’t focus on writing a song to stick out amongst the 40 million, just record a great video. Label deals have the most money set aside for marketing & the least amount for touring. Focus on your video/image not on your performance. If I can only record a forgettable song & shoot an amazing video, It all seems so simple, so easy to do. Why didn’t I think of this earlier. Why didn’t I take the easy route. Man life is tough, If only I knew earlier that I could get away with doing wrong by voting for Obama/Hillary.

I need to take out a student loan and go to film school, learn pro-tools, how to code software, and create a video game app based around music. After attending an Ivy league or prestigious enough university that people will gawk at my credentials, I will go to Sweden and look for opportunities in video game companies where I can intern, but I won’t be an intern without getting paid. I just paid for college, for f**** sake, I’m learning something new, and must be paid to do so. Maybe I’ll be an intern for life. This seems like the best paying job in the current market. Once I’ve created and coded my own video game, I will then code a music player that I can game with algorithmic metrics. I will then approach the music catalogue of the world and proceed to game it to where the majority will use my app. No one is doing it like this, I will be famous for fixing the music industry. When I stand on stage, I want others to look at me and see how famous I am. I will tell them they can’t be like me, even though I am constantly trying to be like them. I will put them down because they exalt me. I will use their feebleness to my own acclaim & I’ll be famous soon, like Obama or Ek. The transition has begun. Be on the look-out for my new single. Look for it, don’t listen for it. Listening is not a part of music anymore, just look at my funny hat and be amazed. Watch out Rihanna, my Icon status is not far off.

These record labels & songwriting foundations are 100 years old. They have been doing this a lot longer than I, but not longer than music, but it’s not music I am seeking, I am seeking fame. Fame today is not musical but cinematic. I must craft a narrative instead of a song. Damn, I need to get internet at the cabin so I am not distracted to play music or practice. I need internet so I can upload videos and images. QUIT PLAYING LIVE MUSIC & FOR GOODNESS SAKE, WORK ON YOUR VIDEO!!!! Man, what a day to be alive. How has this epiphany been avoiding my thoughts for so long. How come I didn’t just open my eyes to what others are doing, and focus my sights on being like them. If I want to do something, just study how someone else is doing it. Geez this way is so obviously right. I can already see the narrative developing, “Musician turns his sights on becoming famous, goes to college, codes software and in the process develops thousands and thousands of fans.” I will then start a foundation based around children and homeless people and out of guilt it will pressure other artists to give to my foundation. I don’t want to worry anymore with trying to be good, being good is hard work. It’s much easier to be bad & forget that reasonable mindset called goodness. I seek fame, popularity, followers, measurable metrics such as views, streams & impressions. I’m almost there, just gotta keep lying to myself.