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There is no difference when your business partners intend to harm your life.

Business transactions make friends of people, but people who call you a friend, and screw you in business were no friends in the first place.

Let’s take the two brothers Johnston. These effeminate boys walk around today using my ideas, my sweat, and my experience and masquerade as if they had any sense. What it comes down to is they have avoided all conversation and insist I sue them to regain what we agreed on. They are not men of honor, they shake hands but don’t intend to uphold their word.  Either way, the older, yet dumber brother Justin, has considered me a third since May of 2016 (Mind you I have given them my time and energy since 2015) and the younger one, Trevor agreed to 10%. They specifically told me that another partner, a lady by the name of Amber Morelli and a man by the name “TIm McGraw’s Tour Manager”, (this how they described people in their phones, I was listed as Sean Kingston’s Manager) were also 10% partners, but there was nothing in writing. Given that these two people did none of the hard work of the road, their ability to ask for 10% with no paperwork is wild, yet the two brother’s will most likely give it to them out of confusion about how business and the world works.

This company they started, excuse me, the company the younger, smarter brother started, is a great invention. I say this because there is no reason I would fold my 15 year business and go into business with them educating the public about said product if I did not see the future use of this product. This product is so stellar that the military uses it constantly and some soldiers have freaked out upon showing it to them. Let’s think about this for a second. Radio, GPS, Drones, Night Vision, etc. all started with the military and trickled down the public, this product does the opposite, it trickles up to the military. These two boys are destined to make some money, but they cannot expect to avoid their third partner forever. The partner who had the experience on the road to get traction. The same partner who drove an oversized RV and trailer loaded with weight across the rocky mountains multiple times, packed, hauled, advanced, and managed a tour of country music festivals and literally lost his voice during a sidewalk sale in a market opened with his experience in motorcycles.

They say the best business are made from secrets, well it’s no secret these two are up to their elbows in virtue signaling and stealing a free option from the public. The lies are so deep they tell everyone their product is made in the USA when it’s manufactured in China. They come to my area of the USA (the South) and expect real cowboys to take them seriously. Their whole roux is a made-up facade to fool what they call “low-hanging fruit”. The country music festival circuit is something that is foreign to them. Their ability to name-drop to make them seem more valuable is a speciality of theirs. These boys also come from California, which is the last place the Cowboy ended up, baby cowboys these boys are.

Here’s the skinny, I don’t mind that these boys, and I do mean boys, as men keep their word, go around galavanting as if they have all the ideas, using a tent idea I put into play and selling a lot of the motorcycle styled pieces I implemented, but the cowboy world they want will never give into fakes. These dudes are not sure what they did, and don’t want to resolve it like men. So yet again I have met some non-honorable men in this world. There seems to be more than I expected.  Until they make it right they will forever think of me.