“Management’s legitimate concern is with performance….unless the client accepts and uses his professional help, he has no value to the organization & there would be no reason for employing him”  -McGregor   

Music managers are partners in musical ventures and a good music manager understands the live transaction.   Take a listen to this segment, from agent turned manager Irving Azoff, regarding the live show performance  3:44 — 4:51 

In today’s music business a manager’s background should exhibit a balanced approach to the creative industries.  Knowing just the business will only go so far then the innovation and creativity needed to sustain an artist’s career becomes stifled.  The business is digital, the music is live.  If your manager has no clue about what you do live, get a new manager.

Managing a complex system, like United States popular music, it is best to start from the beginning of U.S. popular music.  Mapping the brain, scientists have said that thinking mirrors free-form jazz piano.  With this understanding my recommendation is for everyone to listen to jazz piano music.  It will expand your understanding of music, especially pop.  Don’t watch Ken Burns JAZZ documentary, the eyes are prone to illusions. Listen to Max, Miles, Mingus, Monk, and trust your quickest sense, hearing.

We all have to make decisions, and today those decisions grow in complexity.  There are many who seek to work in music and to these I say follow where music takes you, not where you want it to go.

A musician, a multiple genre expert, ethnomusicologist (by trade), a music lover, and a music generalist. I love too much music and too many genres to ever be labeled a rock guy or what have you. Of the millennial generation and not easily described, but only interested in what’s sticky. No matter the mood, context, or genre I’m drawn to the best music. That’s what people have time for, only the best.  If there’s movement, I’m interested.

If you are an artist and wish to connect, It all starts with music.  If it’s musical, I’m interested.   If the vocal is incomparable, I’m a believer.  Add true performance, I’m sold.  If you feel you sound unlike anything and you feel your gut tugging at you daily, impress me.    parisoemusic at g mail