Those planning a career in the music industry must decide on an area to begin learning the business.  For myself it began at age 19 with a move to Nashville and a lucky break.

Everyone makes a living for being good or great at something.  The passion for music has never started from money.  If you want to follow music you have to be ready to drop anything unrelated, for the chance to be engulfed by music.   Music moves quickly and it waits for no one.  If you want stable income and your picture in the phone book go in to law.

Growing up a drummer, I was accustomed to dealing with “timed movement through space”, and the logistics of tour management presented itself while learning the tour bus angle of the industry.   I spent three months of 1999 working for an entertainment bus company and when the first tour management opportunity arose I jumped at the chance. Some of those touring clients include Susana Baca, Brian McKnightAngie Stone, Sean Kingston,  Paper Tongues during their Randy Jackson years & Mint Condition.

 The real transaction takes place at the live show and complex coordination is a requirement for any tour manager. Integrating many areas of the industry, it is a great learning experience, and always rewarding to learn the substance of music as a business.


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